North American Broadcasters Association

Mission Statement:
The North American Broadcasters Association (NABA) mission is to identify and take action on technical, operational and regulatory issues affecting North American broadcasters.

NABA will ensure its continuing relevance to the changing digital and linear broadcast media reality of our member companies by responding to the operating and technology issues of member companies and their digital and linear broadcast media operations, providing consensus solutions, education and best practices.

NABA’s strategy will focus on:

  • A Relevant and Compelling Agenda
  • Communications
  • International Engagement
  • Membership that reflects a diverse media community and encourages gender balance within member companies and the wider industry


Full members are North American national broadcasters, each providing a representative on the Board of Directors.


Associate Members tend to be regional networks, station groups and specialty services. Associate members also elect a representative(s) for the Board of Directors.

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