The WBU Supports Call to Action on a Common Global Emergency Protocol

The World Broadcasting Unions (WBU) strongly endorses the “Call to Action on Emergency Alerting”, which supports the implementation of the international standard alerting format Common Alerting Protocol (CAP).

Broadcasters play an essential role in communicating the key facts of an emergency, mindful that everyone in harm’s way must understand what is happening and what actions to take. This is why broadcasters embrace the CAP standard.

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JOB POSTING: Project Manager (Digital Switch Over) for Television Jamaica Limited (TVJ)

Television Jamaica Limited (TVJ), an Over The Air (OTA) broadcaster, in Jamaica, is transitioning from Standard Definition (SD) operations to High Definition (HD) services and from NTSC analogue transmission services to ATSC 3.0 transmissions, and seeks to engage a Project Manager for this project who will work alongside the team of stakeholders at TVJ, and RG led by the Group’s Chief Technology Officer and supported by the TV Services General Manager.

Title: Project Manager (Digital Switch Over)
Project: Digital Switch Over for Television Jamaica, from Analog to ATSC 3.0
Duration: 18 months initially, renewable subject to satisfactory performance
Supervisor(s): Group Chief Technology Officer, CTO & General Manager, Television

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Cybersecurity Recovery Planning as Part of Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery and cybersecurity recovery planning are not one in the same. Disaster recovery’s primary goal is to provide business continuity after a major disruption from manmade or natural causes. The goal of cybersecurity recovery, on the other hand, is to protect and recover data assets and software systems after a data breach.

Click here to read the full Cybersecurity Recovery Planning as Part of Disaster Recovery Planning paper produced by the NABA-TC Cybersecurity Sub-Committee.