About NABA

NABA is a forum for members to share information and best practices on cutting-edge questions that no one company can answer alone. We collaborate in areas that benefit the entire industry, like advanced technology standards, cybersecurity, sustainability, AI and journalism, and protecting our spectrum. 

As broadcast technology converges with other media and mobile applications, we are subject to a global technology ecosystem, and NABA’s official status at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) gives our members insight into, and a voice in, our pathway to the future.

Solutions for broadcasters,
by broadcasters.

Media executives are under enormous pressure to do more with less, and industry intelligence is often the first victim of downsizing. Our members meet shared risks with a shared effort to create cost-effective solutions to problems that save us all time, money and complexity. 

We pool the best subject matter experts from across our members, and there are opportunities for involvement on all professional levels.

Information sharing makes everyone smarter.


Our Projects

Explore our work in workflow efficiencies, common file format specifications, advancements in radio, and our ITU contributions here.

NABA Members

NABA provides representation for North American broadcasters in global forums on topics including technical standards and digital transition, spectrum related issues, safety and security, territorial integrity of broadcasters’ signals, journalism issues such as freedom of speech and protection of journalists, and protection of content.