NABA is looking for a Director-General to provide strategic leadership in advancing NABA’s mission in support of the industry’s leading organizations during this exciting and unprecedented period in the evolution of broadcasting. The DG shall lead, promote, guide, conduct and coordinate all activities of the Association, and working closely with NABA’s Board of Directors, develop and implement its Strategic Plan.

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Candidates can apply by email to Searchlight Partners (NABA@searchlightpartnersgroup.com) with a cover letter and résumé no later than November, 30th, 2022.



NABA-TC Cybersecurity Sub-Committee: WBU Social Engineering & Training Papers

The NABA-TC Cybersecurity Sub-Committee has published two papers:

WBU Social Engineering Best Practices
Social engineering has become more commonplace in the enterprise and increasingly complex to
address. Cyber criminals have become very adept at manipulating employees into handing over
sensitive or valuable enterprise information.

WBU Cybersecurity Training and Awareness
Employee training on how to detect and mitigate cybersecurity threats is critical to the on-going health of the enterprise. Comprehensive security training and awareness should be undertaken in the enterprise on a reoccurring basis and should include items such as social engineering testing, simulated phishing attacks, etc. Training should focus on implementing enterprise-wide behavioural change on the part of the employee and should be performed on an on-going, proactive basis.

Richard Friedel Receives the 2022 NABA International Achievement Award

Long-time broadcast veteran Richard Friedel was awarded the NABA International Achievement Award at the NABA Virtual Annual General Meeting on July 20th, 2022. Richard had retired from Fox Television Stations as EVP, Corporate Engineering and as NABA’s President this past January, but remains a close colleague and source of valuable advice for our industry.

The NABA International Achievement Award recognizes a person who has served the broadcasting industry beyond the scope of their professional roles. In particular, it recognizes those that give their time, leadership and talent to create an industry consensus on current critical issues and foster a collegial approach to problem solving, knowledge sharing and common understanding in their own country, region and in global forums. There is no one that has demonstrated these attributes better than Richard.

“Richard’s collaborative approach and his innate belief that broadcasters share many common challenges led to common solutions and practices in one of the most intensely competitive industries in the world,” says Michael McEwen, NABA Director-General. “This is why he is always greeted warmly, and his participation well received by colleagues in Europe, Asia and indeed around the world. A reflection on his success as a NABA leader. The core of NABA’s mission is to provide our community with opportunities to share and solve challenges to the benefit of all in our industry and that core mission is apparent in the way Richard conducts business and defines the person he is.”

Richard has been involved with NABA for more than twenty years and even longer than that with ATSC, has on-going participation at IBC as a member of the IBC Council, was a DPP leadership contributor in the UK, and was always omnipresent at the NAB, all on top of a distinguished career beginning with NBC, ABC/Capital Cities, and then more than twenty-five years with Fox.

“I am really honoured with this recognition. NABA is an important part of my life, but so many people involved in NABA are friends or long-term colleagues of mine and to have you bestow this is all the more meaningful,” Richard said upon receiving the award. “I’ve always believed in collaboration because we can get more done and do it better as a diverse group. I want to encourage everyone to continue doing that. Think about how great a career we have. We entertain, educate and inform literally hundreds of millions of people. What could be a better purpose? Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Congratulations, Richard!

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NABA Recommendation Enterprise Investment in Cybersecurity

Determining the appropriate level of investment in an enterprise cybersecurity program is not
straightforward. This is due to the fact that the ROI (return on investment) for cybersecurity can be
difficult to calculate, as published loss data is difficult to source, verify and relate to current enterprise conditions. It can, in some cases, be less expensive to invest in cybersecurity defences than to pay for the aftermath of a hack, which can include the costs of data restoration, malware mitigation, etc.

Read the full recommendation here.

Updated WBU Cybersecurity Recommendations for Media Vendors’ Systems, Software and Services

The World Broadcasting Unions (WBU) updated the cybersecurity recommendations which reflect the performance aspirations of both organizations in media vendors’ systems, software and services.

These recommendations can be used as an attachment to any equipment or service RFP, RFI, or RFQ to help potential buyers ascertain the cyber maturity of the product and supplier.

Our thanks to NABA members Grass Valley, Imagine Communications and Ross Video for leading part of NABA’s negotiating team and in working with Lucille Verbaere and her Cybersecurity team at the EBU on the changes.

Read the full Cybersecurity Recommendations here.

See the complete work of the Cybersecurity Committee here.

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