NABA Recommendation Enterprise Investment in Cybersecurity

Determining the appropriate level of investment in an enterprise cybersecurity program is not
straightforward. This is due to the fact that the ROI (return on investment) for cybersecurity can be
difficult to calculate, as published loss data is difficult to source, verify and relate to current enterprise conditions. It can, in some cases, be less expensive to invest in cybersecurity defences than to pay for the aftermath of a hack, which can include the costs of data restoration, malware mitigation, etc.

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Updated WBU Cybersecurity Recommendations for Media Vendors’ Systems, Software and Services

The World Broadcasting Unions (WBU) updated the cybersecurity recommendations which reflect the performance aspirations of both organizations in media vendors’ systems, software and services.

These recommendations can be used as an attachment to any equipment or service RFP, RFI, or RFQ to help potential buyers ascertain the cyber maturity of the product and supplier.

Our thanks to NABA members Grass Valley, Imagine Communications and Ross Video for leading part of NABA’s negotiating team and in working with Lucille Verbaere and her Cybersecurity team at the EBU on the changes.

Read the full Cybersecurity Recommendations here.

See the complete work of the Cybersecurity Committee here.

NABA Director-General Michael McEwen Delivers Keynote Speech at Broadcast Engineering & IT Conference (BEITC) on April 23, 2022

NABA Director-General Michael McEwen had the pleasure of delivering the Keynote Speech at the Broadcast Engineering & IT Conference during the NAB Show on April 23, 2022.

Michael McEwen at NAB Show 2022
Credit – Sam Matheny

“Isn’t this grand. We are all together in Vegas for the first time since April of 2019. I want to thank and acknowledge the NAB’s hard work and tenacity in bringing us together, after many frustrating attempts, and also keeping us connected during a very long pandemic. You have done and continue to do terrific work in supporting our industry. On a personal note, one of the joys of my job is working with the wonderful professional staff of the NAB, they are true partners who have become friends over the years.

I was both surprised and delighted to be invited to address you today. Surprised because I am not an engineer nor a technologist. And delighted because I’m a content person who has always believed that technology allows us to provide better quality and more efficient collection, production, and distribution of our content.

I believe the choices we make about technology should be made with the understanding and in consultation with those in our industry who make our programs and distribute them. When technology decisions are made without truly understanding editorial requirements, the results often don’t support the goals.

This is an important consideration, along with the speed of technological change in our industry and the impact it has now and in the future. But first I’d like to walk you through a short tour of my world and what we do at NABA (the North American Broadcasters Association) to give you some context for my passion in finding common interests and identifying challenges for our industry. And how through examination, discussion, debate and on occasion good old-fashioned negotiation we often reach a consensus on contentious issues and find a way forward.”

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NABA Statement on Ukraine and Freedom of the Press

As the situation between Russia and Ukraine escalates, access to trusted, factual, and impartial information is more critical than ever.

All media broadcasters and the North American Broadcasters Association (NABA) members are focused on doing our job for the public in difficult circumstances and we will not hesitate to condemn any infringements or violations of press freedom.

It is vital for journalists to be allowed to continue to operate both freely and safely, and report without hindrance. Supporting media freedom must be prioritized, not despite these challenging circumstances, but because of them.

View the full statement here.