Committees Overview

The heart of NABA activity lies in the work of its committees. Professionals from all levels of our member companies come together to address an ever-changing variety of issues in support of our members’ interests. NABA recognizes that broadcasters share many common technical, operational and regulatory challenges and our core mission is to provide the opportunity and means, through NABA, to work on these challenges and take action as appropriate to the issues. These efforts are done to both the benefit of our members and the industry as a whole.

Collaboration on common problems builds a secure and trusted network of colleagues.

Cybersecurity Committee

The objectives are to establish base cybersecurity recommendations, establish a base cyber “hygiene” level for the information of members, exchange information on threats and mitigation best practices, address content security and protection, provide input to technical standards, and describe the building blocks of an effective disaster recovery plan.
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Legal Committee

The NABA Legal Committee (NABA-LC) is active with ongoing copyright and intellectual property issues at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It also advises NABA’s other committees and staff on legal and regulatory issues as referred to them for review.
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News Committee

The NABA News Committee (NABA-NC) is committed to advancing the interests of member broadcasters locally and internationally through collaboration, shared insights, advocacy, communication and finding solutions on common issues.
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Radio Committee

The Radio Committee aims to identify potential areas for developing collaborative strategies, information dissemination, targeted research and development, and demonstration activities.
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Resilience & Risk Committee

The Resilience & Risk Committee (NABA-RRC) works to help raise members’ awareness of the hazards and risks that impact the continuity of our business, the safety of our people and the successful recovery to business-as-usual in the event of a disruption.
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Technical Committee

NABA’s Technical Committee (NABA-TC) plays a key role in ensuring that the technical needs and goals of our members are addressed in the complex, rapidly-changing technical environment of broadcasting and content distribution.
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