Cybersecurity Sub-Committee

ABOUT NABA-TC Cybersecurity Sub-Committee

The Cybersecurity Sub-Committee falls under the Technical Committee umbrella. Its objectives are to: establish base cybersecurity recommendations, establish a base cyber “hygiene” level for the information of members, exchange information on threats and mitigation best practices, address content security and protection, provide input to technical standards, and describe the building blocks of an effective disaster recovery plan.


NABA Cybersecurity Documents:

Recommendations on Authentication (2024)

Recommendations on Ransomware Mitigation (2024)

Considerations in the Transition to IP Production Facilities (2023)

Recommendations on Cybersecurity Training and Awareness (2022)

Recommendation Enterprise Investment in Cybersecurity (2022)

Cybersecurity Recovery Planning as Part of Disaster Recovery Planning (2021)

Cybersecurity Recommendations for  Personnel both Enterprise and Operating in the Field (2021)

Best Practices to Mitigate Social Engineering (2021)

Best Practices in an Effective Enterprise Anti-Phishing Program (2020)

Initial Cybersecurity Recommendations for Public Cloud (2019)

Initial Recommendations for SaaS (2019)

NABA-DPP Cybersecurity Requirements for Suppliers (Press Release)


EBU Cybersecurity Recommendations:

The EBU has been doing a lot of great work, which can be seen in the following recommendations:

Tech 3371 – The Technology Pyramid for Media Nodes

R141 – Mitigation of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks

R142 – Cybersecurity on Connected TVs

R143 – Cybersecurity for media vendor systems, software and services (Updated 2022)

R144 – Cybersecurity governance for media companies

R145 – Mitigating ransomware and malware attacks

R146 – Cloud security, including procurement, architecture and cloud service provider assessment

R148 – Networks Media Equipment

R160 – Vulnerability Management Procedure Towards Media Equipment Vendors

R161 – Responsible Disclosure Policies for Media Companies


WBU Cybersecurity Recommendations

The WBU has adapted many of the NABA cybersecurity documents for distribution to their sister Unions. You can find that work here.


Cybersecurity Events:

NABA-TC Deep Fakes Webinar – November 16, 2020 – Agenda

NABA-TC Cybersecurity during the Pandemic Webinar – September 30, 2020 – Agenda

NABA Cybersecurity/MoIP Symposium – Postponed

EBU Cybersecurity Seminar – October 23-24, 2019 – Info

NABA Cybersecurity Symposium – Dec. 1, 2016 – Agenda


John C. Lee
Engineering Consultant, NABA

NABA members, please contact the Secretariat if you ever need members-only material (meeting documents, member contacts, committee documents, etc.).