Become a NABA Member

NABA provides representation for North American broadcasters in global forums on topics including technical standards and digital transition, spectrum related issues, safety and security, territorial integrity of broadcasters’ signals, journalism issues such as freedom of speech and protection of journalists, and protection of content.

A North American office is required for membership consideration. Membership is granted only on the approval of the NABA Board of Directors.

Full Members

Full members are North American national broadcasters, each providing a representative on the Board of Directors.

Associate Members

Associate Members tend to be regional networks, station groups and specialty services. Associate members also elect a representative(s) for the Board of Directors.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members are usually service providers or vendors who have no voting rights, but who are involved in the business of broadcasting and have a direct interest in many of the items in the NABA work plan.

Benefits of NABA membership

NABA’s greatest strength is the breadth of its membership. It brings together some of the most successful and influential broadcasters in North America, both private and public. Its members include national and regional broadcasting associations, specialty services, and major suppliers of products and services. Becoming a NABA member opens the door to a range of expertise, business interests, services and opportunities essential to broadcasters operating in today’s complex and challenging environment. Here are just some of the benefits of a NABA membership:

As a member of and Secretariat to the WBU, NABA can help members meet and build relationships with leading broadcasters in North America and around the world.