NABA Insights on Hybrid Radio and Metadata for Broadcasters document

The Hybrid-Metadata Working Group under the NABA Radio Committee (RC) produced the NABA Insights on Hybrid Radio and Metadata for Broadcasters document.

The working group developed this document to help improve radio broadcaster’s awareness of hybrid radio technology and understanding of the importance of metadata usage. It highlights the changing automotive media and entertainment landscape regarding audio services, the role metadata and hybrid radio play in improving the broadcast product especially regarding the use of large, colorful dashboard displays, and how broadcasters can position themselves for success. Proper use by broadcasters of hybrid radio and metadata will help broadcasters maintain their dominant position in the automotive audio landscape and maintain listeners’ interest.

The document was released during the at the Broadcasters and Hybrid Radio – It’s All About the Metadata session at the NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 16th, 2023.

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