NABA Supports Voluntary North American Digital Radio Standard

The North American Broadcasters Association (NABA) announced support for a voluntary North American Digital Radio Standard last week at the NABA Future of Radio & Audio Symposium in Washington, D.C. A position paper was developed by the NABA Radio Committee’s Digital Radio Working Group and focuses on why NABA supports both this specific technology and a continental approach.
In compiling this paper and appendix, the Working Group consulted widely with radio broadcasters, broadcast associations, manufacturers, and service providers in Mexico, the US and Canada. The paper represents the NABA Radio Committee’s consensus about the future of over-the-air digital radio and has been supported by the NABA Board of Directors.
NABA recognizes that each national jurisdiction has its own opportunities, issues and barriers to overcome in selecting a digital radio technology. NABA believes that all stakeholders (consumers, broadcasters, regulators, administrations, and manufacturers) will benefit from a continental North American approach, while recognizing individual country requirements.
The position paper can be found at the following link: Position Paper