News Committee


The NABA News Committee (NABA-NC) is committed to advancing the interests of member broadcasters locally and internationally through collaboration, shared insights, advocacy, communication and finding solutions on common issues.

The committee focuses on non-competitive editorial and journalistic issues that impact our shared ability to cover news, create news content and inform the public, including but not limited to:

– Editorial concerns and challenges

– News media’s relationship with social media companies

– “Fake News”

– Misinformation and disinformation

– Cyber harassment and interference

– Manipulation of content – deepfakes, shallowfakes

– Free speech concerns

– Safety of journalists

– Right of access

– Accountability

– Media freedom and independence

The NABA-NC includes members from NBCUniversal, Fox News, CBS News, Televisa, CBC/Radio-Canada News, CTV News (Bell Media) and Global News (Corus).



NABA members, please contact the Secretariat if you ever need members-only material (meeting documents, member contacts, committee documents, etc.).