Deepfakes – November 16th, 2020

The NABA Deepfakes webinar will explore the risks posed by manipulated, synthetic media and the efforts underway in industry to mitigate it. The webinar panelists will include an author on the subject, journalists and representatives from both Project Origin and Adobe. This is an opportunity to learn the overall societal threat that Deepfakes represent.

Moderator: J.C. Lee, NABA-TC Chair


  • Nina Schick, Author and Broadcaster
  • Bruce MacCormack, Senior Advisor, Deep Fake Defence Initiatives, CBC/Radio-Canada
  • Asish Jaiman, Director, Technology Operations, Microsoft
  • Andy Parsons, Director, Content Authenticity Initiative, Adobe
  • David Common, Host and Senior Correspondent, CBC News, CBC/Radio-Canada
  • David Reiter, Executive Producer, Special Events, ABC News

Cybersecurity Challenges for Broadcasters in a Pandemic…and a Peek at the Future – September 30

Cyber threats are becoming more widespread and dangerous and our industry has had to become more adept at addressing these threats. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, protecting remote workers has become an even greater challenge. Have we adequately faced this problem with proper cyber governance and practices, adequate resources and better protected equipment? Conversely, have we solved a linear-world problem to now face the issue in all-IP plants and broadband services?

Moderator: J.C. Lee, NABA-TC Chair

Keynote: Shawn Henry – An overview of the threat landscape now and over the next three years.


  • Clarissa L. Banks, VP Information Security, Direct-to Consumer and International, Disney
  • Mike Cardosa, VP Information Security, Viacom CBS
  • Melody Hildebrandt, EVP, Consumer Products and Engineering, CISO, FOX
  • Mark Lobel, Principal, Advisory Services, PwC
  • Denis Onuoha, CISO, Arqiva

Panel Discussion:

  • Were broadcasters adequately prepared, and have since been operating “cyber-safely” during the pandemic?
  • What are the lessons learned in 2020?
  • What does the future threat landscape look like and what hazards are the major concerns?

5G – August 26, 2020

– Antonio Arcidiacono, Chairman, 5G-MAG
– Javan Erfanian, Distinguished Member of Technology, Bell Mobility
– Matthew Goldman, Senior Vice-President, Technology, MediaKind
– Darren Lepke, Head, Video Product Management, Verizon Media
– Athul Prasad, Researcher – 5G, ML & AI, Nokia
– T. R. Stoner, Vice-President, Distribution Technology Strategy, Univision
– Aziz Taga, Product Manager, 5G Broadcast/Multicast and Transmitter Systems, Rohde & Schwarz


– Introduction
– Presentation on 5G-MAG Status, Workplan
– Mobility Service Providers Discuss the Potential of 5G
– Status of 5G Rollout in the U.S.
– Panel Discussion on 5G Applications, Infrastructure, Networks
– Audience Questions and Answers
– Closing and Reminder of Next Seminar

ATSC 3.0 Progress – July 10, 2020

Moderator: John Lee, NABA-TC Chair
Speakers: Anne Schelle, PearlTV; Madeleine Noland, ATSC; Louis Libin, Sinclair; Winston Caldwell, FOX; and John Hane, Bitpath

– ATSC 3.0 Transmitter Testing, Security Consumer “NextGen” Receivers and Data Applications
– ATSC Current Priorities and Next Steps
– ATSC 3.0 International Standardization

Spectrum Issues – June 11, 2020

Moderator: John Lee, NABA-TC Chair
Speakers: Bob Weller, NAB; Haz Moakkit, Intelsat; Winston Caldwell, FOX; and T.R. Stoner, Univision

– Status of the Reallocation of C-Band, both 4 GHz and 6 GHz
– CITEL and ITU Activities
– Status of UHF Repack

Broadcast Operations During a Pandemic – May 21, 2020

Moderator: John Lee, NABA-TC Chair
Speakers: Frank Governale, CBS; Clarence Hau, NBCU; Marcy Lefkovitz, Disney/ABC; Shawn Kelly and John Coldwell, Corus

Logistical and Human Standards Issues

– determining which staff work from home
– determining which staff will return to work in production centre(s)
– how to stage staff return safely and efficiently

Operational Issues and Technical Tools

– support staff working from home
– support producing news, talent, etc. remotely or in alternate production facilities