Radio In-car User Experience Guidelines

About the Radio In-car User Experience Guidelines

The NABA Radio In-car User Experience (UX) Guidelines were produced by the NABA Radio Committee in collaboration with the WorldDAB Automotive Committee. This is a “North American version” of the latest edition of the WorldDAB UX Guidelines which have been updated.

These Guidelines have been created to inform automotive manufacturers and broadcasters on how to deliver the best possible radio user experience and are largely based on the results of consumer research. Consumer use cases in the UX Guidelines include users wanting to find radio easily in the car media system, to find radio stations easily, for the list of stations to be up to date, to be able to easily set a station as a pre-set, and to keep listening to a station if it is available.

These documents also provide input on hybrid radio (which seamlessly combines broadcast radio and the internet) which offers service following (to be able to switch between broadcast platforms and IP, following the strongest signal), improved visuals, and the potential for interaction.

The WorldDAB Radio UX Guidelines were first developed in 2018 with the latest revision released in conjunction with the release of NABA’s premier North American version. The NABA Radio Committee is constantly working with NABA members, WorldDAB and automakers to make improvements and additions and will release updated versions as necessary.


David Layer
VP, Advanced Engineering