Resilience & Risk Committee


The Resilience & Risk Committee (NABA-RRC) works to help raise members’ awareness of the hazards and risks that impact the continuity of our business, the safety of our people and the successful recovery to business-as-usual in the event of a disruption. The RRC also provides a framework and communication channel to enhance the identification and awareness of risk-related topics concerning NABA members.

Starting in February 2020, the NABA-RRC has been holding monthly calls for members to candidly discuss the COVID-19 pandemic – to provide an opportunity to ask questions of colleagues from other companies and to share best practices.


John Moore
VP, Environmental Health & Safety


Rodney North
VP, Environmental Health & Safety
CBS Sports

NABA members, please contact the Secretariat if you ever need members-only material (meeting documents, member contacts, committee documents, etc.).