As the Vice President of NPR Distribution, Badri Munipalla oversees the business and technology functions of the Public Radio Satellite System® (PRSS), ensuring the reliable delivery of content to all interconnected stations.

Badri embarked on his career in public media in 2008 when he joined NPR Distribution as a software developer. During his tenure, Badri successfully spearheaded critical initiatives, including the rollout of the last system upgrade, transitioning from International Datacasting’s SFX4104 receivers to ATX Network’s XDS technology. He also led the effort to replace the broadcast automation software used by NPR Distribution’s Network Operations Center (NOC) operators and managed multiple other projects aimed at enhancing the usability and reliability of the company’s flagship broadcast distribution platform, ContentDepot.

Before joining NPR, Badri worked as a consultant in the financial industry, contributing his expertise to a diverse range of projects, from routine system ports to complex endeavours involving large-scale software development.

Badri holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Houston and earned his bachelor’s degree in the same field from Bangalore University in 1999.