Sassan Pejhan

Assistant Vice-President,
AT&T Entertainment Group

Sassan Pejhan is Assistant Vice-President of advanced audio and video development at AT&T’s Mobility & Entertainment group (which includes DIRECTV). His team is responsible for developing and evaluating new audio and video technologies for incorporation into DIRECTV services. This includes participation in standards organizations, conducting both basic R&D as well as field trials with strategic partners to demonstrate end-to-end viability of the new technologies. His team was instrumental in incorporating 4K, High Dynamic Range, Wide Color Gamut and immersive audio into DIRECTV services. Sassan started his career in R&D with stints at Eastman Kodak and Sarnoff Labs. He later joined a number of start-ups and small companies, including Sorceron and VBrick Systems. He has been with AT&T/DIRECTV since 2010. Sassan holds D.Eng.Sci. and MS degrees from Columbia University and a BEng from the Imperial College of Science & Technology (London University). He holds eight issued patents, has won a Sports Emmy award (4K/HD dualcast) and has authored more than a dozen publications.