NABA’s strategy represents the views of the NABA Board of Directors and is a living document that is subject to change as events and the industry requires.

  • Relevant and Compelling Agenda
    NABA will create opportunities that encourage participation and work with members’ stakeholders to demonstrate a willingness to take on their agenda items and issues. We will find industry consensus on these topics, which reflect the new business realities and the transborder relationships and interests which are at the core of the NABA mandate. In widening the scope and relevance of our agenda, NABA must ensure that the deliverables are defined and compelling.
  • Communications
    NABA will ensure that its work is known widely by member companies (including senior managers), industry stakeholders and regulatory bodies, and that the value of that work delivers a return on investment.
  • Membership must reflect a diverse media community and encourage gender balance within member companies and the wider industry
    While NABA represents most broadcast companies in North America, there are a few notable exceptions. NABA will reach out to the wider media community, but it will first cross that divide within its own member companies and engage involvement from the different departments of the member’s company.
  • International Engagement
    One of the best kept secrets is the role that NABA plays with similar broadcast associations and international institutions. NABA is the Secretariat for the World Broadcasting Unions (WBU) and manages the WBU Technical Committee, the WBU International Media Connectivity Group and the Broadcaster Treaty Working Group. It also has NGO status at UNESCO, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Through these agencies and the WBU, NABA can have influence on a range of issues including production standards, spectrum, piracy, copyright and freedom of speech. A North American consensus on broadcast/media issues is a powerful tool and a true benefit to members.