Broadcast Spectrum Protection


As new wireless communications promise exciting service opportunities for portable and home devices, the NABA-TC is paying serious attention in order to ensure existing broadcasting services are protected. NABA has been examining the implications on broadcast services of new license-exempt wireless devices which will operate in the radio spectrum with no formal frequency allocation. The historical approach to the “sharing” of spectrum is being replaced internationally by a “non-interference-basis” philosophy. The expected result is a gradual increase in the “noise floor pollution” which can ultimately impact existing services, however will be difficult to isolate.

Imagine watching the big finish of that World Series game, tied game, bases loaded, 9th inning – when the television signal suddenly disappears as your neighbours tune into their home wireless networks? NABA is working hard to ensure that the new opportunities presented by new wireless devices are realized without negatively impacting existing services.


For more information on these topics please view the following documents:

“Broadcast Spectrum Under Attack” – Presentations from NABA AGM 2006:

  • Broadcast and the RF Spectrum Puzzle : Paul Bush
  • Unlicensed Operation in the Broadcast Bands: Winston Caldwell
  • Ultra-Wideband: Charles Einolf
  • Preparing for the World Radio communication Conference (WRC-07): François Conway
  • Impact of Interference: Paul Bush